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To me the American cowgirl is the epitome of freedom and independence.  When these women first put their butt in the saddle and looked at the world from the back of a horse, there was no holding them back.  They were and still are today fiercely independent women with a passion for life and the spirit of adventure, who choose to authentically live life on their own terms instead of fitting into societal and cultural norms.  No one can confine their spirits; these are women who develop their own ideas about life, live by their own rules and have the courage to fulfill their dreams.  Strong women who are capable of handling almost any situation as well as a gun.

The American cowgirl is timeless and I hope she inspires you as she inspires me to live life from your deepest heart’s desire, to be independent and self-sufficient in mind, body and soul.  Each of us have our own unique place in this world.  Take time today to celebrate what makes you, you – who you are and the gifts you bring to the world.  Independence is the freedom to just be you!  Independence doesn’t mean that we never join with others, but when we do so as an authentic individual we contribute much more to the greater whole and to this world than we do when we hide in or follow the crowd.

We can only free ourselves by living a life that is true to who we are and by choosing to be independent of those who try to corral and fence our spirit in.  Saddle up and have the courage to declare freedom in all areas of your life – freedom from doubt, worry, fear, powerlessness and dependence on other.  It’s your life and only you can live it fully!  (Written July 4, 2012)

Photo is of Tad Lucas taken in 1925.